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Although it shouldn't, well it does

Often our vision is captivated by colors and impressive font styles.
It is practically inescapable not to be impressed by a well-designed cover! An absolutely human reaction to beauty! Sometimes the reader’s attention is triggered by appearances, before even reading the synopsis of a book!


And voilà! You are ready to be conquered.
A compelling cover builds readers – they say – however, try not to succumb only by appearances!
A plethora of knowledge, or entertainment, may hide behind less attractive covers.
Give it a chance, by eclectically choosing after reading the plot, synopsis, contents, and other descriptive information about the book.
Nevertheless, a book cover serves an essential purpose, to sell the book! The whole idea is capturing the potential reader’s attention to buy it. That being said, what does a good book cover look like? First and foremost, it should represent your book’s content.


“Once you know your message, think about how you can best convey it.”

Setting the right mood is of paramount importance. Once your genre is established you find the ideal graphic elements to represent it. Sometimes what looks like a “great cover” may not be that great for a particular book. 


“Use the visual element to create anticipation, a mood, or expectations. Remember, this is not a place to skimp; the visual component of your cover is the first thing your potential reader will see, and what they will remember. Make sure it is professional looking.”
-Karla Lant –


According to Meg Reid, readers purchase with their eyes. “They look for familiarity but simultaneously yearn for surprise — for something that is new and refreshing. They want a book they can be proud to hold on the subway or read on their e-reader. So many books are published each year — a good book design must communicate that the pages within are worth a reader’s time and attention.” 


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