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In The Oblivion of Borrowed Time

In 2080, the over-populated planet lives in a one-season era of perpetual summer. The increasing extinction of fauna and flora aggravates the life quality by the day. Fear of the ominous future, loneliness, and isolation promoted mental illnesses. Nature retaliated with a series of abnormal phenomena that led to more insecurity and riots. Accordingly, the nations created an international organization called Detection of Anomalous Nature Activity to ensure the planet’s survival.
Scientists and Investigators record and study these abnormalities to understand how to reverse the climate’s downfall.
However, not all Oceanians trust the Organization or their government to save the planet – nor do they wish it. Telos Spikeleaf is one of them. A controversial activist and leader of the Naturalists party who manipulates the population’s fragile state of mind in his favor while preparing a coup. 
Aethra Ortygeans devoted her life to working as an Investigator, keeping her mental disorder a secret. With her superior, Treyton Mindstart, they want to untangle the Naturalists’ plot before he overthrows the government. But her sanity issues must be dealt with sooner than she thought if she wishes to complete her mission.
Once she unravels the enigmatic hallucination that has haunted her since childhood, a disturbing truth unfolds before her.
Agent Ortygeans is not who she thought she was!


Neroptesean - The Water Traveler

In the cosmic year 4130, on the Pangaea-like earth, Nerovia Hydaleos, a water traveler of the Neroptesean species, hides from Euroatlantian humans and her conspecific rivals, the Gaiostasians. Descending from the ancient Nymphs, gifted her the ability to teleport in parallel universes using water.
Once, people worshiped them as semi-deities, but today, they hunt the remaining few as non-humans or prime individuals because of their supernatural longevity and teleportation skills.
The Euroatlantian Defense Agency wants to use Nerovia as a multiversal spy, while the Biogenetic Department covets her otherworldly DNA for a dubious hybridization project. After teleporting to a future universe, Nerovia discovers a conspiracy that endangers her world, and a dilemma arises: helping Euroatlantians entails revealing her identity, risking ending up on the laboratory tables.
However, saving them could also be THE chance to make humans understand and reconcile with the “different” while joining forces with prime individuals against a common enemy.


They Talk?

Each species has its own means of vocal communication and undeniably it produces sounds.
We humans talk, cats mewing and dogs bark - sometimes more than we can tolerate.
The purpose of this brief booklet is to highlight the reasons and the importance of barking.
Once the reasons are established, you will discover the beauty of this language and how great it is to communicate with dogs.
Dogs vocalize and use body language to express their emotional state.
When they are happy, scared, anxious, stressed, frustrated, nervous, suffering from injury or illness, they will communicate it.
Our role as caring, dog-guardians is to ensure their physical and emotional prosperity. The objective is not to eliminate the language, but to understand it and recognize the causes that motivate it.
Taking away any form of expression, would be unfair and inhumane.


Task - Click - Treat

The three steps clicker training is a simplified guide (for beginners and not only) demonstrating how to use a clicker to train your puppy or adult dog. Clicker training is a learning technique with acoustical guidance.
The clicker sound, marks and approves an event, therefore accurately informs the exact moment when the apprentice offers the task.
You will learn how to prepare yourself, your work environment and your dog, for success. In this book we explore targeting, capturing and shaping, with the help of a clicker.
Moreover, we learn how to have fun, while educating our dog. Quick, force-free & fun training, done with precision!

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Hereditary Aggression

Dogs do not enjoy being aggressive, they are not happy to live by their defence reflexes.
Feeling threatened by your environment can be detrimental, physically and mentally.
This book describes how genetic deficiencies are responsible for prompting aggressive responses. It explains the undeniable link between stress, fear and aggression and how inheritance can exacerbate them even more.
All antagonistic behaviours can be nurtured, but when they are not, nature is the main culprit. We humans, deal poorly with canine aggression, either with a domineering approach or with the desperate measure of euthanasia. The importance to comprehend the biological influences.


Choises Of Life

«Choices Of Life» is a story of three female relatives – descendants one from another – and their lifetime wrong choices.
Zacharia rejects the first marriage proposal because of the misspelled love letters. The second she ran away before its announcement. She finally accepted the third that led to a lonely life.
Her daughter, Lea, chooses to become a Professor instead of an Opera singer. Her marriage lasted two years – her life a bit more. Lea’s daughter, Ina, also chose London instead of New York until she finally settled in Paris. The difference between her first marriage and the second is this burgundy-red booklet, proving she officially belongs to something, a bigger whole, a family, after all this time. Zacharia’s choices inadvertently dictated the life of her progeny.
What if she had chosen differently, and why the other two did not choose better? Were they bad, miscalculated choices, or decisions made under the influence of life’s momentum?


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